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Tuning & In Home Piano Services

Piano Tuning
Will Truitt has tuned pianos aurally for nearly 40 years. In recent years, he has incorporated the advantages of software driven tuning devices into his tuning protocol as part of a “hybrid” tuning system. This takes advantage of the strengths of each methodology. Ultimately, the human ear remains the final arbiter as to what constitutes “good” piano tuning. Within New Hampshire, Will has done concert piano tuning for the New Hampshire Music Festival, the North Country Chamber Players, University of New Hampshire in Durham, various concert facilities around the state, and various small musical organizations.
Piano Repairs
All pianos require occasional small repairs and adjustments during their playing life, and doing these repairs remains part of the work Encore Pianos provides..
Action Regulation and Voicing
A normal part of every piano’s life is periodic adjustments of the mechanisms – a piano action can be made up of as many as 10,000 moving parts. Many of them are composed of compressible materials such as felt and leather, which shift, settle, and wear. This requires that the action be reset to factory specs. In those circumstances where the factory itself has deviated from its own standards, the action can be analyzed and brought back to a high functional standard

We work with all brands including:
  • Steinway™
  • Mason & Hamlin™
  • Knabe™
  • Bechstein™
  • Bluthner™
  • Baldwin™
  • Chickering™
  • Bosendorfer™
Will can order all types of piano accessories including lamps, covers, benches, trucks, dollies and more.
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