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Custom Piano Rebuilding
Custom Rebuilding
All piano rebuilding involves custom work. When a pinblock is replaced in an older piano, hours of fitting are required to insure that the new pinblock will be stable and maintain tuning.

Encore Pianos differs from most rebuilders in the degree of customization invested at nearly every level to bring the instrument to its highest level of performance in tone and touch. Exhaustive attention to detail is what makes the difference.

Soundboard Installation
Piano soundboards eventually need replacement. First growth lumber from very large and old trees was common in older pianos, but is rare today. Encore Pianos has a source for legally harvested, book matched old growth lumber from which to craft a new soundboard for your piano. Our soundboards are constructed using multiple radius ribbing combined with compression crowning. This is the best combination of performance and durability for the demanding New England environment.
Encore Pianos is one of a small group of rebuilding shops in the US using Paulello piano wire for all wound strings and plain wire. Crafted by a boutique wire maker in Germany, this is the finest piano wire in the world, and is two to three times more expensive than other wires. Paulello wire is made in 5 different types, graduated by stress rates. Scaling a piano by stress rates is a very recent development and offers greater clarity, purity of tone, and a homogeneous blending of the scale unattainable by other means.

Action Rebuilding
How carefully an action is designed and then built has everything to do with how well it performs under the hand of a pianist. Factory work can be filled with errors and even bad design. Every action we rebuild is analyzed using modern software. Hammers, keys, and other parts are modified as needed to order to achieve correct geometry. The result is an action that is subtle, expressive, consistent, and predictable.

Simply put, Encore Pianos uses the finest materials available from around the world. These are not always from the original manufacturer, but yield the best results.

Pianos for Sale
Encore Pianos, Inc. occasionally has a restored grand or upright piano for sale.
For your convenience and the safety of your instrument, Encore Pianos only uses a Full Time, Fully insured Piano Mover to transport your piano.